Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time To Start Thinking About The Cybils

The Cybils folks have issued a call for judges for this year's award. Good times, good times.

To give you an idea of what a big deal this award has become, the organizers have had to make a policy regarding publishers nominating their own titles. They are limited to nominating 10% of their catalogs. Holy smoke! What were they doing that led to that ruling? Plus the application form for judges leads me to believe that the organizers are getting a lot of applicants these days. Certainly enough that they can ask for proof that the applicants actually write about the genre that they want to judge.

Once again, no applying for me this year. I will try to read some of the nominated books, though. And I'll be going over my reading to see what I can nominate.

Why would I want to nominate a book for the Cybils? It's a way for me to get some extra attention for books I think readers ought to know about. It's your chance to do the same.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug, Gail. Looking forward to your nominations. Yes, we've had to deal with some growing pains. Things sure have changed since those first years, when we constantly had to explain to people what the Cybils were. If you ever do decide to apply as a judge again, I hope you'll put SFF as your first choice.

Gail Gauthier said...

I think that's what I did that first year. It was great.

Unknown said...

Yes, I remember. You're always welcome back, I'm just saying.