Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Relax With Some Reading

Today was a brutal day of Thanksgiving prep, wasn't it? I made rosemary shortbread. If you're on Goodreads, you can go to the blog I maintain there to read about the literary connection to my rosemary cookies.

Okay, I am whipped. So we're just going to shoot the breeze about some Internet reading.

By way of Blog of a Bookslut, I learned something I didn't know about the IMPAC Award. Librarians from around the world nominate the books. You can find out if a library near you had a hand in the nominations. Only 24 libraries in the U.S. took part, but as it turns out, Hartford Public Library, about thirty minutes from me, was one of them. Hey! It's almost like being there.

Oz and Ends has a terrific post on Sidekicks. John Bell is able to talk about the book in the context of the comic book world that inspired it.

The number one skill for perseverance, in my humble opinion. Krist Holl at Writer's First Aid agrees in Are You A Marathon Writer? That link came from Cynsations.

Okay, I've been wandering the Internet for an hour now. I'm done. 

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