Thursday, November 01, 2012

What Other Bloggers Have To Say

Sometimes it is going to be 245 posts or so behind in your blog reader. For instance, when you're too worn out to do much, but your time management plan involves writing a blog post. Parking your butt in front of a computer and just seeing what other people have been blogging about looks good on those evenings, and you're really happy to have a lot to look at.

What caught me eye:

An interview with Barbara O'Connor at Cynsations Best quote: "...alas, a book needs a plot."

Jane Eyre-related books! from Tanita Davis at Finding Wonderland

John Bell says at Oz and Ends that there is an article in Smithsonian on a Tom Sawyer who claimed to have inspired....Tom Sawyer. I may very well be able to get my hands on that issue of Smithsonian. It's either still in the house or with another family member. Oh. Wait. I can read it on-line. That doesn't seem as exciting. Or as likely to happen.

I have received the same Amazon Author Rank e-mail that Darcy Pattinson and every other author got. I just haven't read mine yet. I've been hoping to get Computer Guy to do it, because he likes that kind of thing. Seriously, he actually has some idea of how my books have done on Amazon. The bit in Pattinson's post on the subject that I liked is her point about authors knowing where they are in the pecking order. "But, as authors, we know exactly where we stand in the pecking order. Try signing books at a national conference, where your line is, well, one person and next to you is Kate DiCamillo, who’s line is out the door and down the street. Oh, yes. Authors know exactly where we stand." So true, so true. We don't need no Amazon Author Rank!

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