Thursday, May 16, 2013

Environmental Book Club

A few years ago, the Nature Conservancy ran an article at its website on a "green book club" that had been meeting for ten years. As a former member of a book club (I was one of the two people who started it), I can say that the ten years part is pretty remarkable, particularly since the group read "nonfiction with a conservation focus." I am a little bit crunchy, but I would be hard put to make my way through 110 books of that type, as the woman representing the club said they have.

A green book club for kids seems a little on the improving side, but if you want to try it, or just bring a few greenish books into your home, The Nature Generation's Green Earth Book Award winners and honor books seem to offer a variety of titles over a range of ages. However, the website doesn't appear to maintain a list of former winners. Here's some help:

2007 winners

2008 winners

2009 winners

2010 winners

2011 winners

2012 winners

2013 winners

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