Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Is Short Story Month. That Kind Of Got By Me.

It has come to my attention that May is Short Story Month. Unfortunately, the month is half gone. If I'd only realized this was coming up, I would have planned my May Days project around writing short stories. I must make a note for next year. And put it someplace where I have a prayer of finding it.

The Emerging Writers Network is getting into this in a big way. The Oxford University Press provided a reading list. The Missouri Review is highlighting a short story every day at its blog. In fact, Short Story Month is all over the Internet.

This seems like an appropriate time to remind everyone of my short story publication this year, Rosemary and Olive Oil, at Alimentum.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps with the time you have left in May you could write a short short story along the lines of Hemingway's purported baby shoes tale. Something like "Aliens visit Florida; havoc at Disney."

Gail Gauthier said...

A family member recognized the Hemingway reference. While I'd heard of the shoe short story, I didn't know the Hemingway connection.

Odd you should mention the aliens visiting Florida and causing havoc at Disney. Years ago, I was interested in sending the characters from my two Aliens books ( and on a road trip to Orlando with their parents and an alien they'd picked up in their second book. However, I ran it by my publisher/editor first, and they weren't interested, so I wrote The Hero of Ticonderoga instead.