Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's Like An Archaeological Dig

I am working on a project that I've tried starting twice before. This goes back to at least 2005. The book involves some research, which is where I started both times in the past. I collected a lot of stuff each time I tried to get started and continued collecting things off an on even when I wasn't working on the job.

Everything went into a box. You know, because that seemed like a tidy and efficient thing to do.

Well, these last two weeks I've been pulling things out of the box (which we will call the Egypt Box), one or two at a time, and going through them. There were notes, some National Geographics, some Discover magazines, a New Yorker. There was a metal pencil case in the shape of a mummy case that once belonged to one of my kids. Oh, wait! There are two of them! Nearly unused! Clearly, neither kid liked them much.There's an unopened DVD.

I didn't sort through the box in this most recent work effort. I just took things off the top. This afternoon I found books. Two of them. I bought books for this project.

I don't know what else is in the Egypt Box because now I don't want to know ahead of time. I want to just keep pulling one surprise out after another, as I come to them.

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