Monday, July 01, 2013

Where Has Gail Been?

She hasn't been at OC doing Weekend Links posts recently, that's for sure. I do have links to share, I'm just having trouble finding time on Sundays to put them together for you.

I did get around to a few other places on-line, though.

First off, back in February A Girl, a Boy, and Three Robbers was included in the Booklist: Double Trouble post at BellaOnBooks's Blog. These books dealt with twins, triplets, and other varieties of multiple births.

Anne M. Leone did an assessment of my NESCBWI time management workshop at her blog, Critically Yours. It was a lovely, gracious post, which I greatly appreciate.

I am included in the June Carnival of Children's Literature hosted at The Flatt Perspective. I haven't had an opportunity to do more than skim the offerings so far.

I'm also included in the June Carnival of the Indies at The Book Designer. This is an enormous carnival, and it's going to take me a while to take a look at everything there.

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