Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Read One Of Their Books

I just heard a few hours ago that Barbara Robinson, who wrote The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, died yesterday. I was very fond of this book, and I read it as an adult. I probably read it during my years teaching Sunday school. I believe I taught for 11 years (Hmmm. The same number of years I trained in taekwondo, though not the same 11 years.) That means I was involved, in one way or another, in 11 Christmas pageants. This book captured the chaos and heart-warming aspects of these events. Read it during Advent this year.

So long as I'm on the subject of writers who aren't going to be able to provide us with any more of their work, I'll mention that Diana Wynne Jones, who died two years ago, has a new book coming out next year. The Islands of Chaldea was nearly finished at the time of Wynne Jones' death. Her sister, Ursula Jones, has completed it.

Oh, how I wish it was a Chrestomanci book. I own the whole series and save it for rereading during troubled times.

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