Monday, October 07, 2013

Connecticut News Round Up

I've noticed a few things going on locally that are worth rounding up for a post.

First off, Bank Square Books in Mystic is expanding. This is an attractive bookstore, anyway, that does neat author luncheons, though I've only been to one and it was a while ago. But it was neat then, and there's no reason to believe anything's changed.

Connecticut author Tommy Greenwald appeared on the local Fox affiliate late last month, talking about his new book, Jack Strong Takes A Stand. Speaking of lunch, as I was just a para ago, I had lunch with Tommy once.

The Connecticut Center for the Book, part of CT Humanities, maintains a list of Community Reads projects. Cheshire is reading Alice Bliss and East Hartford is reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

I recently stumbled upon science writer Linda Zajac's blog. In addition to her posts on writing and science, she has posts on Connecticut state parks. I have to have been to some of these places, because I've been to a lot of Connecticut state parks. However, I keep a trail album, and once I've put my material in it, I pretty much leave it there. By the way, speaking of lunch, as I was a couple of paras back, I think I may have had lunch with Linda Zajac, too. Can't be sure. I've had lunch with a lot of people, but a Connecticut science writer named Linda sounds familiar.

Oops. Here's a little something I meant to mention. The Florence Griswold Museum is doing one of those weird little faerie house things they do, this one with a Wizard of Oz theme.


Jessie said...

Part-Time Indian is one of my favorite YA books -- never had a kid not like it, and couldn't put it down myself!

Jess said...

I love Bank Square Books! Good to know they're expanding - I'll have to check it out.