Saturday, March 05, 2016

Another Weekend Of Unnecessary Creativity And Podcasts

This past week, I discovered the In The Telling podcast from Slice Magazine. Since I'm interested in spending time on short stories and essays over the next couple of months and these podcasts focus on writers reading those very things, that's what I listened to this afternoon while creating away in the kitchen. What did I hear?

The Wedding Stairs by Helen Phillips. I can't say I got the ending, but this story is definitely atmospheric. It made me feel that I should avoid weddings.

More Encounters in Publishing by Liz Mathews. This piece wasn't hysterically funny, as was promised, but it was real. This stuff happens!

The Mechanicals by C.J. Hauser  This is the kind of story that makes every woman (and probably man) who didn't have a teenage romance really grateful. Because who needs this?

To be honest, I chose all the above podcasts because they were short.

I also listened to part of a talk by Jennifer Weiner on the necessity of social media for writers. I got knocked off the Internet on this one, but I'd heard it before. It's good on several levels, one of them being that few writers can afford the luxury of saying no to social media.

Tomorrow I plan to go hiking.

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