Friday, November 18, 2016

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? Nov. 14 Edition

Goal 1. Adhere to Goals and Objectives. Election carrying on is carrying on. Seriously, I am wasting time every morning checking news sites before I get out of bed to see what's been happening. I've been e-mailing family members and on the phone related to a crisis in another state. And next week we have an out-of-state guest in the area and a major holiday. But I did adhere to a couple of goals these last few days.

Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding

  • Denim post, even though it was Nov. 13. Because I particularly liked it.
  • Promoted Denim to Google+ and Facebook
  • Picture Book post
  • Promoted picture book post to Google+, Google+ community, Facebook community, Twitter, and Goodreads
  • Time Management Post
  • Promoted TMT post to Facebook, Google+, Google+ community, and Twitter
  • Call for CCLC
  • Began work on CCLC
  • Goodreads blog post on denim. Because I like it that much.
  • Rated a few books at Goodreads that I haven't covered here yet.

Goal 6. Generate New Work. NaNoWriMo. Still going through those clippings and notes I've collected over 12 years. Have some plot ideas as well as an ending, which is totally different for me.

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