Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Cottage For Readers

The Storyteller's Cottage is opening today in Simsbury, Connecticut. Why should those of you from outside the central part of this state be interested? This is a new business developed totally around reading.

"We specialize in creating festive, unique, and immersive events especially for fans of literature. On select evenings, we host parties, dances, LARPing and lectures that feature either the settings or the costumes of some of our favorite novels." It appears that some of their theme rooms are also available for private functions.
They have a Jane Austen room.


Events are planned into November, some free, others requiring a fee.

I actually get into Simsbury fairly frequently these days. If I make it to a Cottage event, you'll read about it here.


Jen Robinson said...

That is super-cool. I hope you make it there!

Charlotte said...

sounds so fun!