Friday, April 20, 2018

And How Was Your Week?

I had only one work day this week, as I expected, but on top of that I wasn’t able to do the social media work I usually do in the evenings. We had an Internet disaster. It involved a pop of light and an enormous crack of thunder on Monday afternoon. We’ve been limping along with our limited Internet  access with our phones. We have quite a lot of limited access, because that’s how we roll, but not enough to be spending hours each evening blogging and researching  author appearances for the Connecticut Children’s Lit Calendar. Oh, and tweeting. I do enjoy a little Twitter.

I had gotten ahead on blog posts last weekend, because I knew I had a houseguest Tuesday through Thursday. I was able to use my phone to post those from home. I’m doing this post on my iPad  at the nursing home I visit one to two times a week.  I got very excited before I left my house this morning when I realized I’d be able to access the nursing home’s wifi with my iPad, which I can’t do at home. I love my iPad. It may be my favorite possession. I’ve finished my visit and have camped out in the lobby, wondering if I’ll get kicked out of here any minute. I have been coming here weekly for over six years. I think I should be able to set up somewhere with my laptop and lunch. But you can’t predict the reaction of others, can you?

Computer Guy spent two days hunting for a new modem, which we were able to get yesterday. When I left him this morning, things were not going well with the repair. I’m not looking forward to going home.

You know those things you read about how glorious life is when you disconnect from your technology? Those people are hallucinating.

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