Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Time Management Tuesday: We Just Passed A Temporal Anamoly...Ah...Ah...I Mean A Temporal Landmark

Okay, you all remember when I wrote here last year about temporal landmarks? They're  "distinct events that “stand in marked contrast to the seemingly unending stream of trivial and ordinary occurrences that happen to us every day.” What's important about them is they are "special occasions and calendar events (e.g., a birthday, a holiday, the beginning of a new week/month), which demarcate the passage of time and create numerous “fresh start” opportunities at the beginning of new cycles."

Highlight of  Easter dinner
And you all remember this past weekend, right? We just celebrated Easter on Sunday, and it was the first day of a month...a holiday and the beginning of a month. So those of us who celebrate that holiday have just passed a double temporal landmark. Passover began on Friday evening and will continue until the evening of Saturday, April 7. When that is over, a temporal landmark will have passed for those who celebrate that holiday.

Anyone else feel as if they're getting a fresh start opportunity, because something new is beginning? I sure do. Of course, I've just finished a month-long project, which certainly makes me feel I'm ready to start something new, as well.

Easter is a moveable feast. I can't recall it falling on the first of April, nor can I recall ever getting psyched for post-Easter, the way I get psyched for post-Christmas. So the beginning of the month may be the big factor in giving this temporal landmark its punch.

Now, let's hope those of us who are into this can take good advantage of it.


Ms. Yingling said...

A student told me that "Easter Fools" hadn't happened since 1945! It's hard for me to start new projects because the library will be closed three days a week for testing for the next three weeks, and then all of the books will be due. Struggling with the fact that I won't really get any teaching done for the rest of the year, and working on weeding, repairing, and working on plans for NEXT year!

Gail Gauthier said...

Wow. That's an interesting time frame you work with. You're already working with the end of a unit of time, the school year.