Monday, December 30, 2019

My Year In Reading

I am active on Goodreads for one reason and one reason only--it keeps track of my reading for me and makes a nice little annual summary. I've learned you have to work this thing to get the result you want, because if you aren't careful to include a date you finished reading a book, it will just have you down as having shelved it in, say, 2019, and not having read it that year. You also have to be careful to actually record the books in the first place. Goodreads can't keep track of something you haven't entered there. It's not a mind reader, though that would be nice.

All that explains why when I checked my Goodreads Year in Books late yesterday I saw I'd read only 18 books, though I'd shelved more. I spent some time after dinner last night putting in date read material on the shelved books and then going through this blog to find a number of books I'd read but never recorded.

That brought me up to 42 books for the year. Probably not a great accomplishment, especially since I have a screenshot from 2017 that indicates I read 45 that year, but so much better than 18 that I am happy to take it. And, no, Bread & Wine was not my first review of the year, but I'm letting that go.

On to 2020!

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