Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Time Management Tuesday: I Made A Mistake With This Year's May Days

 Last year I described May Days as "that month of the year when I get together with some Facebook friends to set aside a time, in this case the month of May, to work on something special."  Notice I said some thing.

At the beginning of May this year I sat down with my bullet journal and listed seven things I wanted to do. Seven. While planning is good, that plan was not.

I did three of them, did three things I hadn't planned to do, and barely touched the chapters of a book-long project that I really wanted to work on in May. I did get to them the first few days of June, which sounds like a Hurray!, but realized that I needed to go back and do some tweaking to make a basic change to my main character in order to proceed.

If I had only worked on just those chapters during May, I would have found that out earlier, presumably, and been further along in that project that just never seems to end.

Now I did get some short-form work done and published last month, but a set-aside time like May Days can mean some intense work on something special and I missed that opportunity by trying to do too much. 

I guess we can say not all is lost, because this experience should tie-in with the book we're going to be reading this summer. 

But that begins next week.

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