Friday, June 03, 2022

Two New Humor Publications In Two Days!

Jesswin Thomas on Unsplash
 After There's Not Going To Be A St. John The Baptist Day Parade This Year, Eli was published at The Haven on May 31, You Are The Parents Of Sixth Graders. Act Like It. was published at Frazzled on June 2. It was inspired by a daycation I was on the week before, during which we were in a museum gift shop with a field trip group. That triggered memories of my own days as a field trip chaperone.

You Are The Parents Of Sixth Graders is interesting, as writing goes, because it started out as a short story I wrote maybe twenty-five years ago when I was invited to submit a humor story to an anthology that was being put together by an editor at my publishing house. The story was about a couple of boys riding herd on some adult chaperones they found to be unruly. The story was rejected, but one thing led to another last weekend, and I revised the material for a totally different type of piece.

Something similar happened in April when I revised a piece of creative nonfiction and turned it into Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Church.

I am now wondering about what else is in my file cabinet.

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