Saturday, March 04, 2023

I Loved Tipper: Another Humor Piece Published

I was a big fan of E. Lockhart's Family of Liars when I read it last year. I particularly liked one character, Tipper Taft Sinclair. 

"I can also safely say that I loved the family matriarch, Tipper Taft Sinclair. I suspect I wasn't supposed to. I don't think it says something disturbing about me that I like her but is an expression of how I function in our family. Tipper ran an annual lemon hunt in Family of Liars. I thought that was a fantastic idea, so when we were having a three-generation birthday lunch on my deck a few weeks ago, I ran an apple hunt, which is like a lemon hunt, but different. It wasn't as elaborate as Tipper's lemon hunt, but I didn't think to do it until the week before. "

Ron Lach on Pexels
Now being so attracted to a secondary adult character in a YA novel is what you might call incongruous--contrary to expectations. I find incongruity funny. And, sure enough, that lead me to write a humor piece on the glorious Tipper.

Five Goodreads Stars Because Tipper Taft Sinclair Is A Freaking Goddess! was published yesterday at Greener Pastures.

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