Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Time Management Tuesday: Seasonal Writing

I recently wrote here about temporal landmarks and religious seasons. But I recently realized (by which I mean yesterday) that the four seasons our culture uses to break up our calendar are also temporal landmarks. Of course, the twelve months of the year are temporal landmarks, too. But the four seasons define natural change to a greater extent than the months do, and that connection with nature may be very useful for some people trying to plan some kind of writing or just writing-related project.

Spring began yesterday here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Late in the afternoon, I believe. It will run until June 21. The Southern Hemisphere is experiencing the fall season at this same time. Different season but yesterday was still a temporal landmark for the people there. So wherever you are, yesterday was a temporal landmark beginning a three-month chunk of time. 

That's perfect for goal setting and work planning, because temporal landmarks are points in time that give us the impression that we are starting something new and that the future is full of possibilities. They are opportunities to begin again, even if beginning again is beginning to finishing a project hanging over us, which is what I'm using my spring season for.

In addition to providing us with an opportunity to begin again and plan around a specific period of time, using what we call the four seasons as temporal landmarks might help tie our work to the natural world. For those who would like to do that.

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