Friday, August 18, 2023

Friday Done List for August 18

Okay, this done list is making me feel, well, calmer, I guess, about getting some work done. My done lists relate to the year's goals and objectives.

Goal 2. Work On Adult Essays, Short Stories, And Humor.
  • Did a pretty big revision of the humor piece that was rejected last week.
  • Submitted that humor piece elsewhere.
  • Picked out an essay that hasn't been worked on since 2017 to revise.
  • Did some reading at the site I want to submit the above essay to.
  • Created a list of new publications to check out from someone else's X/Twitter post.
  • Read one essay at the site I'm considering submitting an eating article to.
Goal 4. Submit Adult Books To Agents
  • Submitted Good Women to two agents.
  • One of those two agents rejected Good Women the next day.
Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Read an article that will become a Weekend Writer post.
  • Made an effort to read a lot of short-form work.
  • Killed a half an hour looking over the Medium conference offerings, found two I was interested in, and found an article on one of the subjects I was interested in that I could read in less time than I would have had to spend attending a conference talk.
  • Saw on Twitter that the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference is under way, which led to a new blog post

Killed a half an hour going over the offerings for a Medium Day conference, chose two, realized I could find the info one was offering on-line and decided to bag the other one

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