Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Time Management Tuesday: Time Management Humor


As I've mentioned earlier, I am suffering time management angst. For a couple of reasons. 

  • I see so many people writing about productivity issues from a position of...ignorance may be too harsh a word, since it appears they read an article on the subject before they wrote and published their own...that I've lost confidence in my own ability to address this issue in a meaningful and unique way. After all, I don't have any more qualifications to do this.
  • I'm not doing that great a job applying all I've learned about time management to my own life. Hmm. That just gave me an idea for a TMT blog post. Or a time management article to try to publish somewhere.

What Does The New Yorker Have To Do With This?

This summer I invested something like six dollars and ninety-nine cents in a three-month digital subscription to The New Yorker, so I could read some of the short humor they publish there. It is a potential market for a humor writer. 

This became another time management issue for me, because I found myself distracted by general, nonhumor articles. I had somehow signed up for a daily New Yorker newsletter with article suggestions. How did I deal with this issue? I cancelled the daily general subscription and signed up for the daily humor subscription! Problem kind of solved. 

I found a terrific humor piece there, published a couple of years ago, called I Thought I Would Have Accomplished A Lot More Today And Also By The Time I Was Thirty-five by Alex Baia. Definitely what I'd call time management humor. Also, Alex Baia is a name I'm familiar with, because he's one of the editors of Slackjaw.

So there you go, folks, a time management/New Yorker connection.

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