Saturday, September 02, 2023

Friday Done List For September 1


Goal 2. Work On Adult Essays, Short Stories, And Humor.

  • I submitted the humor piece that was rejected last Friday to a publication that is a definite reach for me. They have a long turnaround time for getting back with acceptances/rejection. So I won't have to do anything with that piece for a while!
  • Then I found a new for me publication at Medium that had the potential to get more attention for things published there. I had to request permission to be added as a writer, then I submitted the second piece that was rejected last week. They accepted it and...nobody is reading it!
  • Did some essay and humor reading
  • Watched a couple of videos on publishing at Medium and got the names of some more publications I'm interested in looking into.

Goal 4. Submit Adult Books To Agents

  • Received a rejection from an agent on Good Women. She said she hoped I'd submit something else to her soon. I am that as a win, even though she rejected something from me back in 2017 and said something similar. But that was a win then, too, right? Because obviously she's not saying that to everybody.
  • Found a few agent names to look into when I'm ready to submit 143 Canterbury Road.
Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Attended a Porchfest, because a writer on Facebook said she'd be there. Met her, bought her book, did a couple of Facebook posts supporting her. Hmm. Maybe a blog post about that next week?
  • Promoted the new publication at Facebook.
  • Did a couple of blog posts, one supporting the publication at Medium, one on my reading, the goal of that being to push me to read more.
The goal of this weekly Done List is to both enhance my self-esteem, as if it needed any more enhancement, and push me to do more. The big thing I need to do more on is work on short fiction and market research for publishing that. I've done nothing with that this year.

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