Friday, September 08, 2023

Friday Done List For September 8

Goal 2. Work On Adult Essays, Short Stories, And Humor

  • This week I had planned to look at a short story that needs to be revised. Yup, I wrote that in my bullet journal. Well, not only did I look at it, I came up with a revision plan (or a start of a revision plan) based on some feedback I got on it back in, ah, 2020. And then I started working on it this morning, which is far more than I expected to do this week! Someone is pleased with herself.
  • Did some short-form reading, as well as read an entire humorish book that I'll be writing about here, some day.
Goal 4. Submit Adult Books To Agents
  • Did a little bit of research on agents, coming up with another name to consider when I'm ready to submit 143 Canterbury Road.
  • I wrote at least 2,600 words on the book I'm not supposed to be working on because I'm not writing book-length work for a while. In my defense, I do this whenever I feel like wasting time on-line. I waste time on this, instead, which may result in something whereas wasting time reading about some freakish thing definitely will not.
  • I also collected a lot of articles, some of which I read, on historical aspects of the book I'm not supposed to be working on.
Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding

  •  A good week for Original Content, since I did three posts here. 
  • I promoted some of those posts at both X and Facebook.
  • Civilguy and I updated part of my website.
  • I spent a couple of minutes reading about Bluesky, since I have Facebook friends who sometimes have invitations to offer. My eyes glazethed over. The business about it involving multiple social networks sounds too complicated. That's like line 2 of any description of it and as far as I can get with reading about it.

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