Friday, January 19, 2024

Done List For January 19

Not a bad week, especially considering I was getting back into work after retreat week.

Goal 1: Adult Short Stories, Essays, and Humor

  • Completed a rough draft of a humor piece.
  • Submitted a different humor piece that was accepted for publication.
  • Changed my Medium membership. We'll see what that does for me, if anything.
  • Took a fantastic memoir-writing workshop.
  • Submitted a piece of flash fiction to a contest. Very pleased that I remembered to do this, since I thought of it a couple of weeks ago. (To be honest, I found the info on my iPad reading list where I'd put it so I'd remember. The reading list works!) Very pleased that I had a completed piece appropriate, IMHO, for the contest theme. 
  • Spent an unfortunate amount of time updating my PayPal info so I could deal with the contest submission fee. Yes, damn it, that counts as work. And now I have PayPal again! 
Goal 2: Submit 143 Canterbury Road to Agents
  • Have started a submission letter!
  • Decided to stop looking for more agents and deal with the list I've made of people to at least consider, if not actually submit to.
Goal 3: Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Did 3 OC posts, counting this one.
  • Shared another writers' marketing info on Facebook for a local bookstore appearance. Yeah, pat me on the back for that!
  • Promoted one of my blog posts on X.
  • Did a little bit on Goodreads.

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