Friday, January 26, 2024

Friday Done List January 26

Not as happy with myself this week. progress was made. Accept what you get and don't object.

Goal 1. Adult Short Stories, Essays, and Humor

  • I did not finish a rough draft this week, though I have been working on a short story regularly. Since it is a short story and not flash fiction, I am accepting that it is taking more than a week to finish it. This story involves a little historical research. In addition to reading about men's drawers in the nineteenth century, I found a battle during the First Boer War that I can use. 
  • Received a publication date for the humor piece that was accepted last week--next Tuesday.
  • Will sign up for another workshop later today after I've done a few other things. 
Goal 2. Submit 143 Canterbury Road to Agents
  • Finished the submission letter.
  • Refined my list of agents. Have more to do on that. This is a rough part of submitting--finding agents who represent what you wrote, sell a few books (and that's all some agents do), and are open to submissions. 
  • Made one submission. Huzzah!
  • Was making another submission when the Query Manager form announces it wants a synopsis. An honest-to-God synopsis, not the mini-synopsis in my cover letter. Being a relatively normal human being, I hate making synopses. It was 2:30 when I saw this. So, yes, that will be in my bullet journal for next week.
Goal 3. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Did 3 blog posts this week (counting this one), started another, got an idea for another.
  • Provided some social media support for other writers by promoting yesterday's blog post regarding my reading. 
  • The action above was a multiplier, because it also met the objective to promote my own blog posts. Which makes me feel better about how much time it took.

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