Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Some Hybrid Workshops From Thurber House

Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio is offering a number of hybrid-workshops this spring with reasonable prices. I've taken a hybrid-workshop with Jen Knox in the past and believe I was happy with it.

What I am not happy about is that when I looked to see if I had, indeed, taken a workshop with Jen Knox, I realized that I had foolishly tried to maintain two systems for keeping track of workshop notes and materials, for very logical reasons, and, yes, I had gotten them confused. I now have some chronological order issues. I love chronological order. I hate chronolo

But working that out will be good in the long run, won't it? Because it will give me an opportunity to go over materials again. That will enhance my work, I'm sure. So I am GRATEFUL for this foul up. And I know gratitude is good, because I just heard that on a mediation talk yesterday.

I'm going to be grateful, if it kills me.

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