Thursday, July 15, 2004

I Wouldn't Dare Do This

I keep reading about authors running contests to help promote new books.  I wouldn't dare.  What if you give a contest and nobody comes? Aren't there enough ways for me to be humiliated in this life?  I do not see any reason why I should go out looking for trouble.

What's Happenin' With Gail This Week
Her manuscript came back from the editor.  I'm going to need to do a fourth draft, but it doesn't look like too rough a job.  Today went okay. 
But guess what?  You know how I started cleaning my desk after I finished the third draft?  Well, I never finished!

Why Doesn't This Kind of Thing Ever Happen With Kidlit Writers?
The literature weblogs have all been abuzz with this story about an author who walked up to a reviewer in a restaurant and popped him in the mouth.  If only a children's writer would do this kind of thing so I could write about it.
After a couple of years of blogging I am finally doing a multiple topic post.  I am so into this.  And wouldn't you know it?  Blogger seems to have changed all its stuff again.  Can't wait to see how this looks when published.


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