Saturday, July 31, 2004

A Rare Saturday Posting

I rarely work on weekends. I figure if God required a day of rest, it only stands to reason that I, a mere mortal, need two. At the very least.

However, I am so into this revision I'm working on. You will all remember, I'm sure, that yesterday I revised three chapters. Well, this morning I got up, went to the computer in my pajamas (not a pretty sight), and revised another. I am pretty close to being in flow now. Energized. Smokin'. I have three chapters left to go. If I can get into one of them tomorrow, is it too much to hope that I can knock off the last two on Monday? Probably, since work has been going way too smoothly lately. I should be running into a roadblock sometime soon.

I believe I owe this surge of creativity and ambition to my personal writing coach, Jane Yolen. Though we have never met--though she, actually, has never even heard of me--her online journal with its descriptions of her superhuman work habits shames my "inner Jane" and makes her work harder.

Hey, Jane, there hasn't been an update in a couple of days. I'm going to crash and burn here if I don't hear from you soon.

And How Do I Fit Into This Story?

The Telegraph
reports that J. K. Rowling's website "receives 27 million "hits" a week, compared with an average for other popular children's sites of one million."

I guess the important word there is "popular."

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