Friday, July 02, 2004

Keeping Up on What's Happening

As I said in yesterday's post, I see no reason in the world why older books shouldn't be discussed in the media. However, I do worry that I, myself, don't keep up to date the way I should. I mean, I ought to more than that there's a new Harry Potter book in the works and that the title has been released, right?

So to help me keep up on what's happening, last month I subscribed to's and's newsletters. These are both sites I've linked to many times over the years. I'm hoping that having them nudge me each month with something in my e-mail will keep me au courant. (Sure hope I spelled that right.)

Anyway, reports that Janet Tashjian has a sequel to The Gospel According to Larry called Vote for Larry. Now, I wasn't a wild fan of the first Larry book. I found it a little preachy (mmm, maybe a lot preachy) even though I very much liked the anti-consumer sermon. However, I am very much in the minority. The Gospel According to Larry was well-reviewed and I'm aware that it was popular with a lot of teen readers. And since they are the people the book was written for, their opinion should count more than mine.

So Vote for Larry should be worth a look. Even I will look at it.

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