Monday, April 16, 2007

One Thousand More Words, You Slacker

A few days ago, the very nice literary agent at Pub Rants did a post on mentors for new writers. This reminded me of a woman I used to know who was working on a master's degree in writing and kept talking about her "writing coach."

That's what I'd really like. Forget about a mentor. I want a coach who will function like a trainer and plan a writing program for me. "Work on your attention span, Gail." "Study plot." "Attend Program A." "Read Book C." "Set a daily minimum number of pages you're going to write." "Don't worry about the first draft--just write it."

I've been trying to work differently on my new fiction project. So, presumably, I will eventually end up with a new manuscript and a new writing process. A twofer.

The Durand Cousins: 6,367 words.

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