Monday, November 17, 2008

What? Buffy Doesn't Matter?

Actually, nowhere in this Salon interview with the director of Twilight does anyone say that Buffy doesn't matter. The tease under the title is totally misleading, trying to drag in readers who are Buffistas and probably not too into the Twilight take on women as being so weak and inept they can't sleep through the night without a male vampire watching over them.

Twilight anticipation is reaching a frenzy right now. I hope the movie does spectacularly well. Whenever the grown-ups can make big bucks off from kidlit, it's good for our field. They'll come looking around for more pots of gold.

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tanita✿davis said...

Again, you are just INSANELY optimistic. But so right!!! No matter HOW MUCH I hate the "how can I breathe without you watching me" vibe of the Twilight thing... you're right.

Good thinking! Way to make me positive on a Monday!