Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Looking For Undiscovered Gems

Sheila Ruth at Wands and Worlds is looking for undiscovered gems in a bestseller world. You can go over and post a comment about "your favorite children's or YA books published in 2008that were not widely buzzed, reviewed, or awarded."

Sheila's blog post is similar to one I did last week. She, however, is going to do something proactive about the situation. She's planning to compile a list of 2008's overlooked treasures.

Today's Training Report: One 365 Story Project piece, and I finished the long bio for the website press kit. I found doing that pretty boring. I certainly don't mind talking about myself (hence the blog), but in this particular case it was all stuff that I, myself, had heard before. And sometimes written before in various ways for a variety of different press releases over the years. The idea, though, is that this superbio will be used by others writing press releases about my appearances at their schools, etc. At the very least, it should be easier for me to write them if I have to with this thing at my website for me to crib from. I had to keep reminding myself that I've been wanting to do this press kit thing for a month or two. So while I was bored today, I now feel a sense of accomplishment. Not the kind of accomplishment I would have felt if I'd done the equivalent number of pages of an essay or short story, but accomplishment nonetheless. I mustn't allow myself to become too attached to any one kind of accomplishment. Ommmm.

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