Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Latest Marketing Ploy

It took me two or three days to do it, but I've managed to start a blog at Amazon that will appear at the Amazon pages for my four in-print books. I could just link this blog over there, but I do sometimes get all ranty or serious over here or talk at length about other authors' work and that hardly seems like good marketing now, does it? So I'm going to periodically do something lighter while at the same time more promotional over at Amazon.

What exactly that will be I'm not sure.

Training Report: Thank goodness I did that Amazon marketing bit because otherwise I didn't do well today. (Mainly because of a six-mile hike that I'll talk about tomorrow.) I did spend some time going over the order of half the February segments of the 365 Story Project, and I did a rewrite of one segment. I really shouldn't be doing that until next winter, but I have a hard time pretending I don't know that that kind of thing needs to be done. It hangs over my head like church on Sunday.

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