Thursday, April 09, 2009

This Isn't Good For Me

My sources tell me there has been some discussion about agents elsewhere on the Internet. I have nothing to add, since I don't have an agent. Nor did I read any of the comments from authors who presumably do, because I've been thinking...for years...sort of the way I used to think for years about going to graduate school...about looking for an agent.

I'm not looking forward to the hunt, anyway, and I certainly don't want to hear that having an agent isn't going to make my life one hundred percent easier, better, and more rewarding.


Sam said...

Having a [great] agent is going to make your life 87 percent easier, better, and more rewarding!

Debby G said...

LOL, Sam!

You really should get an agent, Gail. The 15 percent commission mine gets is more than made up for the increased advances and royalty rates she usually negotiates, and I don't have to worry about finding the best publishers for my books, and she even critiques my work when I want her to and holds my hand (uh, figuratively) when I need her to. Plus, she works with film agents and I came really close to getting a TV option on one one my books. (We were on the counter-counter-counter offer when the writer's strike hit and it fizzled out. Sob!)

Gail Gauthier said...

Depending on what happens in the next couple of months with one particular project, I will be beginning the search. I'm thinking of it as being like dating--you hunt for agents at bars or at services or maybe your grandmother tries to fix you up with somebody.

Debby G said...

My grandma fixed me up on a date once. Once. Never again!

Try instead.