Thursday, April 09, 2009

This Is War

A little before five o'clock this morning I received one hundred and seventeen pieces of spam that would have been spread over years of post comments. But I have moderation for posts over seven days old (I received five or six hits among those posts this morning, too) and the enemy was foiled!

Whenever this happens I feel quite a powerful surge of victorious adrenaline. Then I worry that my opponents somehow know their missiles didn't hit and are mad. They may be planning something worse against me.

By the way, I know for a fact that one of my posts from last year has sixty-sixty pieces of spam in its comments. I keep thinking that if only I had little kids living here, I could pay them a nickel a comment to clean the thing out. Okay, okay. I should pay them a dime. But since those kids don't exist, I'll have to wait until I have a free day--maybe when I'm living in a nursing home--to do the job myself.

Today's Training Report: This was an interesting day. I spent about half an hour checking out a possible marketing scheme before deciding it wasn't for me. Then I spent some more time researching literary journals for potential submissions. I now have plans to send two short stories out after I've tinkered with them some more. But while looking in my filing cabinets I decided that I have decades worth of stories in there and only four I think are submittable. I need to do something about that, though I'm not sure what. And, finally, I spent some time charting out three more story threads for the 365 Story Project and did some work on backstory for a TV show the kids watch. Though I'm a month behind with that, I still have close to 60 vignettes/pieces/whatever we should call them and keeping track of them is a pain because I thought it would be cool to handwrite this thing in a notebook. How do people who insist they don't use word processors manage? Thank you, God, for technology.

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