Sunday, July 05, 2009

Getting Through The Holiday Weekend

I've only had time to scan some blogs this weekend. What has caught my eye:

You're On Your Own, Kid at The Spectacle. By way of Tanita at Finding Wonderland.

A really good interview with Chris Barton at Cynsations. Note, in particular, his answers to the following questions: "What was your initial inspiration for writing this book?" "What about children's nonfiction appeals to you?" and "What advice do you have for those interested in writing a picture book biography?" Note, also, his problem with writing about the science involved with his book and how he stopped the narrative twice trying to describe it. This is important, people! The paragraph in which he talks about the significance of "just showing up"--Very important.

Liz at A Chair, a Fireplace & A Tea Cozy has a post on Scott Westerfeld's new book coming out this fall.

I keep going back to Don't Get It Right, Get It Written at Procrastinating Writers, hoping to find time to read it and follow the links. The basic advice is well known. My question, though, is how can you get to the end if your beginning no longer supports it, if the characters must be changed in order for them to become what, after a couple of months of work, you now know they must be? Oh, woe.

Fortunately, the older relative I've been helping out the last couple of weeks can no longer stand the sight of me. She used the word "nag." So I'm hoping that I'll be able to address some of those last questions of mine starting this next week.

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