Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Has A Video Camera And Knows How To Use It

I've been vaguely aware of Tina Nichols Coury's blog, Tales from the Rushmore Kid, for a while. I find Tina a bit intimidating because 1. She can pull off this hat. I am 5'3" on my very best days. I gave up trying to wear hats long ago. 2. She has started using a video camera at her blog. Here is a very nicely done interview with Dutton editor Steve Meltzer.

Tina also does Writing Tips of the Day. Here's one with Jane Yolen, who used to be my on-line mentor. It was a very one-sided relationship since she didn't know about it. The writing tip she gave Tina was very interesting. Not the part about applying your butt to the chair. I've heard that before. I've probably read of Jane saying it before since she was, you know, my on-line mentor. No, I meant the story she told about her husband's explanation for why he was such a successful birder. It was so...metaphorical. Yes! Yes! You have to go where the words are--I mean the birds are!

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tanita✿davis said...

That is indeed a hat of Sheer Wicked Awesomeness. However, I'd still try to pull it off, and I'm shorter than you!

I'd ask why your on-line mentorship changed, but it's all so easy for it to slip away when the mentor in person doesn't know...