Thursday, July 02, 2009

I've Got My Boys

Work on the 365 Story Project has pretty much ground to a halt for three reasons:

One, the amount of time I've been spending with unhealthy family members these last two weeks. Yesterday I spent the day with a shut-in (and a laptop, but...), not the post-op patient I've been seeing nearly every day. Seriously, the older infirm relatives in the Gauthier family are piling up like cordwood!

Two, I had done over a hundred segments for the project and had no physical description for my main characters, not even in my head.

Three, I was concerned that even for an episodic story I ought to have something plot-like, if not a real plot.

Well, problem two is well on its way to being resolved. A couple of weeks ago, our sabumnim announced that for the summer our morning adult taekwondo class was going to turn into a morning family taekwondo class. That meant, of course, kids! As it turns out, it meant a great many kids and not many adults, since "family" appears to be being interpreted very loosely in this case. Nonetheless, after my very first family class I had my Tanner. I'll be able to modify him to create his older brother, Tristan, so that's a twofer. Today I found my Bodhi.

This week's classes were among the most brutal I can remember with both jump kick practice and sparring. If they're kicking up the intensity a notch to burn off the young'uns' energy, I'm going to have a very rough summer.

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