Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Not Crazy About Lists

I heard about Bitch magazine's 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader, probably on Facebook, but never looked at it because I'm not super fond of lists, anyway, and this one had 100 items. Sorry. I'm lazy and probably shallow, too.

Well, evidently the list hit the fan, as they say, and three titles have been removed. Colleen will give you the lowdown.

There are so many issues with this whole thing: What's the point of any list, anyway? Why do people feel compelled to pull a list out of the sky? What was the point of this specific list? Who was in charge? What did they use for criteria? Why did they put books on the list they hadn't read?

And those are the questions I can think of without addressing whether or not Bitch should have removed titles when readers objected to them.

By the way, Tender Morsels was one of the books dropped from the list. I am mortified to say that I can barely recall the scene that caused the uproar.

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