Monday, February 21, 2011

Watch Sayid Sing And Dance

I saw Bride and Prejudice this weekend, which is Pride and Prejudice with some Bollywood treatment. Loved it, though I do think the American actors were pretty bland. And while Lalita (the Elizabeth Bennett character) seemed very twenty-first century and said she likes to work, we never hear anything about what she does, if anything. But it was terrific picking out all the bits from the original book and being able to shout out to the other person in the room, "That's from the book!" or "Wait 'til you see what the sister does!"

And what was really terrific was watching Naveen Andrews from Lost suddenly begin singing and dancing. I watched that scene four times Saturday and twice today.

I now have a family member whose entire knowledge of Pride and Prejudice comes from watching this movie.

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