Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Book Orphans?

During my time in the office that I told you about yesterday, I found my copy of Pucker, a book I remember fondly from my Cybils' year. I thought I'd see what the author had been doing since 2006, when Pucker was published.

Well, if you go to author Melanie Gideon's website (which is kind of like a blog disguised as a website), you'll see prominent information about her memoir, The Slippery Year. (Published in 2009.) The most recent information at the Home Page/Blog indicates that she's working on a new novel Wife 22, which sold last year.

She refers to it as "my new novel," but the quote she's posted from Publisher's Lunch describes it as a "debut novel," even though it is, in fact, her third. I've heard of this kind of thing happening before. If you write something in a genre you're not associated with, you can be called a debut writer. To me this is a little like being referred to as a virgin every time you begin a new relationship.

Anyway, the only reference I could find to Pucker at this site was on the About page, which inclues the sentence "She is the author of two young adult novels, The Map that Breathed and Pucker."

This is such a shame because Pucker is an excellent book (as I remember it, anyway) that deserves to be supported and brought to readers' attention, even if it is five years old and thus not this season's shiny, new thing and even if it is YA and its author is now writing in other genres. At its own author's site, the book is nearly abandoned.

Though this site is built around a blog-like structure, there is a dedicated page for the memoir. How difficult would it have been to also create a page for the author's YA work?

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