Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting Nonfiction For Kids

I could have sworn that I mentioned the blog I.N.K. Interesting Nonfiction for Kids here at some point in the relatively recent past, but if I did, I can't find the post now.

The people behind I.N.K. also have a website, INK THINK TANK, relating to bringing nonfiction authors to classrooms. As it turns out, I am familiar with or even sort of know a number of INK THINKers.

I've been thinking about nonfiction a little more than usual since reading Elizabeth Partridge's essay, Narrative Nonfiction: Kicking Ass at Last and writing about it when I did the When Bob Met Woody Post. Narrative nonfiction is Partridge's preferred term for creative nonfiction, which I've been interested in writing for a while now. My feeling is, if I could pay more attention to nonfiction for children, specifically history related nonfiction, since history is an interest of mine, it might enhance my own nonfiction writing.

Hmmm. Does that sound as self-serving as I think it does?

Be that as it may, you nonfiction people should check out INK, both blog and website.

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