Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yes, YA Is About Identity

Chris Barton on Unbridled Silliness & Carefully Researched Truth-telling is an excellent guest post at Cynsations. Chris, who I kind of know in that weird Internet way, writes about how his new book, Can I See Your I.D.? came to be and says that the book is about identity "a theme that a YA audience, especially, can relate to. They’re at a point in their lives when “Who am I?” is neither an idle nor an uncommon question."

I've never thought of nonfiction as having themes, but it's an interesting idea. Just at dinner this evening, a couple of us were talking about documentaries, and one I saw that I always describe as being just random information. "It had no point," I said. After reading Chris's piece, I think what that documentary was missing was some kind of thematic organization.

Now I will look for that in my nonfiction reading.

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