Saturday, March 03, 2012

While I Have A Little Time

I was sick yesterday (It doesn't matter how flexible you try to be--illness makes a joke of schedules) and was off elder care today for fear I am still contagious. So after finishing watching maybe six hours of Downton Abbey over the last two days, I decided I could spare a little time for my NESCBWI blog project.

Here we go:

Deborah Bruss's My Blog is very new. It's only been around since October, and it deals primarily with her book Book! Book! Book!.

I've actually met Loree Griffin Burns. She's a science and nature writer, and in her blog, A Life in Books, Loree writes about her work and science and nature. A recent post I found particularly interesting--On Tooting One's Horn, in which Loree writes about the angst involved in creating an e-mail marketing database. I am stunned that she came up with 940 names. I would be grateful for 45 or 50. Just how anti-social am I? Clearly, I live under a metaphorical rock. This post is also notable because in it Loree coins the term "toot-challenged."

Next time I finally get to start on blogs whose authors' names begin with the letter "C."

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