Friday, April 27, 2012

And Now For More Of The Letter "D"

That's "D" as in NESCBWI blogs from authors whose names begin with the letter "D."

First up, Betsy Devany's blog entitled...Betsy Devany's Blog. Betsy appears to be a pre-published NESCBWI member. She has been a finalist and had an honorable mention manuscript for the Tassy Walden Awards. That's a bigger deal here in Connecticut than in other parts of the world, so for those of you who don't know, Tassy Walden winners have gone on to publication. According to Betsy's blog, she attends a lot of writer events. She's got a lot on last weekend's NESCBWI conference.

Ann Marie DiVecchia has three blogs, all relating to art. Only one of them has been updated since last summer, Smells Like Crayons, a group blog for nine New Hampshire and Maine illustrators.

Marissa Doyle, who writes who historical and romantic fiction "with a magical twist," is a contributor to an interesting looking blog, Nineteen Teen Being a Teen in the Nineteenth Century. Recently, they've done posts on "the Grand Tour," a term those of us who read Georgette Heyer in our youth will be familiar with, and Queen Victoria's pets.

BroccoliPower hasn't been updated in around a year and a half and only had around 6 posts before then. It was going to be a journal about finding a publisher for a manuscript.

And that concludes the letter "D."

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