Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Starting The "C" Name Blogs

I want some credit, folks. I am only on the "C" names in the list of NESCBWI blogs, and yet I keep on keeping on.

Lori Calabrese is an author who blogs at Lori Calabrese. She does book reviews, and once a week she does a round-up of blog book giveaways called Fish for a Free Book. This seems like a marvelous idea that bloggers and readers could be taking advantage of. She also has a section at her blog for authors that includes links of interest, organized by topic.

Martha Calderaro's blog, subtitled Notes Along the Road of a Children's Writer, Poet & Book Lover, looks as if it's updated once or twice a month and focuses on poetry.

Melanie Linden Chan's blog, It's a Hoot, focuses on her journey to becoming a children's book illustrator. She does book reviews but also, as one would expect from an illustrator, posts on her work as an illustrator. Research and process! In fact, she has a number of easy to find process posts. And she's not afraid to post about rejection, which she is able to write about without angst and misery. I'm going to be going back to this blog in the future because it looks as if Melanie might have some material related to something I'm thinking about writing about on Time Management Tuesday sometime soon.

Melanie Linden Chan also posts at Drawing Together, "A group blog by and about children's book writers and illustrators affiliated with the RISD-CE Children's Book Illustration Program."

Well, there are only two C names left, and I ought to just do them. But some professional reading awaits, as well as a revision. A bientot, NESCBWI blogs.


Melanie Linden Chan said...

Hi Gail!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I had no idea you had posted about it, or that you were checking out all the NESCBWI blogs in order! Great idea!

Best to you!

Gail Gauthier said...

The NESCBWI blog tour is turning into my life's work, because it's taking me so long to do it.