Friday, April 27, 2012

Only One "E"

I'm going to push on and take care of the blogs with "E" names at the NESCBWI site, because there's only one person with an "E" name, though he has two blogs.

David Elzey has an excellent review blog, The Excelsior File, that I've been familiar with for years. Many children's litbloggers write, essentially, book recommendations, because they have a policy of only posting "positive" reviews. Nothing wrong with recommending books. David Elzey's reviews are more like literary criticism, though. He is not a fanboy.

He has another blog, fomagrams, that is new to me. It includes his reading list for the two years he was working on his MFA in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults.

I think I have something like 50 NESCBWI blogs left to visit. I must think two or three times before starting a project like this again.


david elzey said...

thanks for the kind mention on both my blogs. and while i find it interesting and honorable to be the "only one e" my last name does, in fact, contain two of said vowel.

Gail Gauthier said...

David is referring to an error I made spelling his name, since corrected. I comfort myself with the knowledge that it's not the worst error I've made here.

David is, however, still the only NESCBWI member whose last name begins with "E" who has listed a blog with the organization's website.