Friday, June 08, 2012

48-Hour Book Challenge Starts Today

The 48 Hour Book Challenge starts today. Ah, good times in years past. While I do have a little more time this weekend then I've had the last few years, I'm sad to say that I have to use it for maintenance, since I've been away from the house a lot the last couple of weekends. Seriously, I saw a small creature caught in a cobweb in my bathroom yesterday.

I was sorry to see how few bloggers have signed up for the book challenge this year. If memory serves me, the Challenge used to attract a much larger crowd. Or perhaps the sign-ups didn't begin until today, and we'll see a lot more people listed as they begin their particular 48 hour reading period.

I see a couple of old blogging buddies on the list, and I'll try to check in with them over the weekend to see what they're reading.

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