Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Cool Activity

The office is one of the cooler spots in our house, and visiting NESCBWI blogs doesn't require any sweat- inducing activity. So that's what I'm going to do.

Judy Mintz is working on a YA novel. What gives her gravitas as a litblogger, though, is her stint as one of the hosts of a cable show that involved interviewing authors. "Over the course of several years in the mid-90s I interviewed many of my favorite authors (Joyce Carol Oates, Elmore Leonard and Donald Westlake to name a few) and many brand new authors who would subsequently disappear into obscurity (not, of course, due to anything I may have said)." An interesting point about her blog, Everywhere I Go, is that she describes her posts as short essays. And you know how I like essays.

Hazel Mitchell is an illustrator and one of my Facebook friends. As with many of my FFs, I do not know how that happened. I just enjoy finding that I already "know" people I run into like this. Her blog, Along the Right Lines, covers information about her books and her work travel and also includes illustrations.

Hazel also posts at the group blog, Pixel Shavings.

Laurie Smith Murphy is another FF. This year she's only done a half dozen posts at her blog, Random Acts of Writing, possibly because, according to her June 2 post, she's been working on a revision.

I actually know Mitali Perkins (though, yeah, we're Facebook friends, too). Her blog, Mitali's Fire Escape, is well known in the Kidlitosphere. She's a serious blogger. Read her and learn, people!

Tracy Porosoff is a pre-published writer whose blog A Bissel at a Time deals with incorporating Judaism into family life.

Katherine Rawson blogs at The Parrot's Point of View in the voice of a parrot. (She is the author of If You Were A Parrot.)

Joyce Ray writes for the America's Notable Women Series. Recently she's been doing book reviews at her blog, Musings.

Dreams du Dog is another blog written from the point of view of an animal, this time a Walker Foxhound. The blog doesn't make clear what it's connection is to writing.

Okay. I believe I am well over two-thirds of the way through this project. The end is in sight!

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Joyce Ray said...

Hey Gail! Thanks for mentioning America's Notable Women and my blog. It's fun to visit the other blogs you mention and a great reminder to keep up with the fantastic bloggers out there.