Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gail Maintains A Little Discipline

I am trying to maintain some self-discipline, so I'm going to visit some more NESCBWI member blogs instead of exploring the wilds of my laundry room or collapsing somewhere and reading.

Guinea Pig Writers was being maintained last year by some writers who graduated from the Simmons College MFA program offered at the Eric Carle Museum. Great idea, though this year they've done only two posts, and those were back in January. So I don't know that this is still an active blog.

Katherine Quimby Johnson's blog, Words Are My Life, is more active. She does reviews and posts about writing. She also lives in my old university town.

Joyce Shor Johnson recently did an interesting post at her blog, The Write Joyce, that included a lengthy list of bloggers doing giveaways relating to debut books. She writes about her own writing, and she's also involved with the next NESCBWI regional conference.

Lita Judge's blog, Wilder Farm, looks as if it's updated monthly and deals to a great extent with her own work. She's an illustrator, and she posts lots of images.

Okay, enough self-control. Now I will answer the call to adventure in the laundry room.

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